Tree Services

Below is a list of different job types that Advanced Trees & Grounds Ltd carries out with a brief description of each job type:

Tree Felling / Dismantling:
This is carried out to dead / dangerous, dying trees, or trees that no longer fit into their surroundings. All trees are dismantled in a safe manner using climbing techniquesand on some occasions a cherry picker. Timber is safely lowered to the floor.

Crown lifting:
Crown lifting is where the lower branches of the tree are removed to either improve access or to improve the appearance of the tree.

Crown thinning:
The branches within the crown of the tree that are dead, weak, dying or unsightly, are removed, this improves the appearance of the tree and also allows wind and light to pass through it, this reduces the chance of the tree uprooting.

Crown reducing:
This is where the crown of the tree is reduced to allow light to the area around the tree. Most trees are crown reduced by between 15 - 30 %.

Pollarding is quite an extreme action to do to the tree; it is where all the crown is removed just leaving the main stem of the tree. This action looks quite brutal at first, however re-growth does soon follow.

Hedge Reduction:
We carry out hedge reductions to any hedge regardless of shape & size, which may have got out of control.

Stump grinding:
This is where we grind out the stump to below ground level, this is to ensure that there are no remains of the tree. This action also stops any re-growth of the tree and allows future use of the area. We can also reinstate the ground afterwards.

Chipping is where the branches are chipped into fine pieces which can either be removed or left on site. This ensures that the tree is 100% recycled.

Site clearances:
This is where we will come to your area and remove everything that you require.

Emergency call out:
We offer a 24 hour emergency call out service to attend to, a full windblown tree or a hanging branch.