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Some trees are covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). This is usually on a specific tree, rather than a group clustered together. Other trees may fall in a specific conservation area, and thus be protected by similar regulations. For any work that needs to be carried out to a tree with a TPO, or in a conservation area, permission needs to be granted from the local authority. Negotiating the paperwork for this can be challenging, but fortunately for those in the Filey and Bridlington region, we're on hand to help.


We'll complete and submit all the relevant paperwork, allowing you to relax and rest easy knowing everything is in capable hands. Contact us in Scarborough to discuss your requirements.

When might you need specialist tree surgery services?

Conservation area tree care in Scarbrough, Filey, Bridlington and the surrounding areas

Caring for trees in conservation areas requires a firm with specialist knowledge in the area. For expert advice and quality services, see Advanced Trees & Grounds.

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